Mark Hurwitt is an award-winning illustrator and editorial cartoonist specializing in illustration for publishing and advertising as well as political, labor, educational, cultural and community organizations.


A portfolio of illustration for labor education, health and safety books, childrens books and CD covers on the following subjects: environmental justice, pollution prevention, emergency response, bus operators, culinary employees and the issue of corporations buying our government officials. Done with visual energy and sharp wit, featuring such characters as rodents, rabbits, rats, mice, pigs, cows, turkeys, fish, beetles, super heroes and the grim reaper.


A portfolio of penetrating political cartoons about Iraq, weapons of mass destruction, unions, the New York City subway system, military surveillance, the Pro-Choice Movement, the U.S. Patriot Act, John Ashcroft and duct tape.


These personal stories about the life of an artist have a strong narrative quality while featuring personified animals like cats and dogs and even an eight-headed giraffe!


Mark Hurwitt has extensive experience as an illustrator, editorial cartoonist, computer artist and creator of comic book stories. He currently illustrates for clients in advertising, publishing and community and labor organizations.